Positive impact is what we are all about at The Studio Upstairs. Whether that is the extremely positive impact your new do will have on all friends and family or the positive impact we are aiming to achieve every day in the aim to be a sustainable conscious salon.


“Letter from our creative director”

After spending years in the hairdressing industry it became apparent to me how these harsh chemicals were effecting my health and the environment. So, when the concept of the studio came to life, it was imperative that we started with the intention to create something that helped improve lives and our environment. That’s why we decided to become apart of a sustainable and toxin free movement.

The Studio Upstairs is a harmonious collective oasis for like minded creative individuals who are passionate about inner & outer health, our community & the environment. We are dedicated to providing a relaxing sanctuary for all of our guests that is professional, luxurious & welcoming in a non-threatening, non-egotistical space.

We are very proudly environmentally conscious & aware in all that we do. The studio is part of the Sustainable Salon movement, having up to 95% of our waste taken away to be recycled & repurposed.


Our incredible colour range is free from harsh chemicals, our retail products are packaged from recycled plastic taken from the ocean & we use 100% biodegradable, eco/water-friendly towels.


All the waster materials are collected by Sustainable Salons across Australia and New Zealand and are then sold for recycling or repurposing. Aluminium and foils are sold to recycling plants with the proceeds donated to OzHarvest and KiwiHavest which provides meals to the homeless.


Excess hair that is cut and collected is sent to various locations around Australia to mop up oil spills in our Great Barrier Reef. Plastic bottles are recycled and repurposed into NBN cabling or plastic furniture for community parks and playgrounds.


To be able to do all these amazing things, a $2 eco fee is charged to each bill to allow us to continue to do this for the community and the environment.


Want to find out more about this incredible company and its passion to save the planet?




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