Manifesting Workshop

February 1, 2018

Have you ever woken up to the realisation that your life is exactly what you once wished for? This has been happening to me every single day lately. I remember a few years ago I used to hear people talk about manifesting but I didn’t really understand what it was and I definitely didn’t believe in it. I couldn’t understand how we as humans had the power to create our own realities and I thought it was totally crazy. But trust me, I’m purely speaking from my own experience.



Have you ever noticed how when you randomly think of someone you haven’t seen for years, you all of a sudden you see them the next day? Or when one bad things happens, a million other things seem to go wrong as well? That is because whatever you think about and focus on, you are manifesting into your life. I’ll give you a few obvious examples of how I’ve seen this work for me...


Since I was little I’ve only really had one dream, to be able to walk to the beach from my house. This year that became my reality. 5 years ago my phone was filled with endless photos of vans parked by the ocean. This is also my reality now. When I was in hospital I used to have the strongest feeling that I would be friends with Sjana Elise, then one day she messaged me and now we are incredible friends. All of these things were once only visions in my mind but now they are my very own real life.


I feel like I’ve only just started to scratch the surface with this but I’m SO excited because I’m actually going to a workshop next week on this exact topic and if you’re interested, YOU can come too! It’s run by a lady who I have been seeing for the past few years who has helped me so much. She is going to be teaching us how to use the law of attraction to manifest our wildest dreams and I would LOVE to see you guys there because I know it’s going to be life changing.


Head here to book your spot 😊

Ps. Does anyone have any crazy manifesting experiences? Tell me all! 💭✨


You will only grow from attending this workshop, if you're looking for a sign, this is it!! 


EM x

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