LEVEL 1/9 CONNOR ST, BURLEIGH HEADS QLD 4220  |  0413 433 420  |  OPEN EVERYDAY 9:00am - 5:00pm

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Our beautiful hair studio is the home of extremely talented & passionate stylists who are dedicated to connecting with their guests to make for the most comfortable & rewarding experience. Boasting their own creative specialities, with over 50+  years experience amongst all of them, the rarity of their experience, honesty and talent is something that sets us apart here at The Studio Upstairs.


This beautiful group of humans have taken the leap in their careers to come to The Studio Upstairs and become their own bosses, to live a better work life balance and create  a life and career they have dreamed of. We feel so blessed that they call our humble space home.

We are passionate about creating opportunities that help our freelancers grow, whether it be Australian Fashion weeks, Photoshoots or better financial opportunities we are all for it! Be sure to get to know your stylist and their hair style via their Instagram.


Our beautiful creative director of The Studio Upstairs, Jess is a Goldie girl born and bred. Our beach babe can always be found oceanside taking an early morning dip or sunning it up in her favourite spot in the world, Talle Creek.


Jess has carefully curated the vibe and values around the studio based on her experience within the industry, moulding it to exactly how she wanted her work life to be shaped so that others could take part and drive their own destiny in their work life. Jess dreamed of making an inventive space, somewhere creatives could come and run wild. It was then that the Studio was born.


She has developed her style over her 13 years in the industry, perfecting natural, understated, beautiful blondes to her effortless balayage and her passion for styling. She has cultivated these talents from her experiences being part of Australian fashion weeks, presenting at industry events and being finalist for Queensland hairdresser of the year.

Jess Longhurst



Hairdressing for the most part of 13 years, you’ll find our darling beachside with friends in her spare time but her mind is never far from seeing something artistic in the day to day. Sewing in her spare time and working away at her little side hustle are often on the cards.


It's her artistic flair and need to be creative that shapes not only her personal style, but what she does for her clients every day. If there is one hot tip she could give, it would be that sometimes less is best and it completely lends to her style of hairdressing, creating amazing lived in bright blondes but don’t let that make you think that it means her work is simple. Amelia’s clients always come away with bold head turning looks that will catch your eye. You will fall in love with her perfect styling of beachy curls and beautiful mermaid waves to finish off your look.

Amelia Nasser



Will has always wanted to base his life around being creative and make others feel beautiful. He has admitted his first passion for hair originated from Troll dolls, he couldn’t get enough of cutting their hair! It was there that his 16 year journey in industry began. Leaving homeland Ireland, Will hit our shores 6 years ago and we are so glad he didn’t look back.


Being completely drawn to boutique style of the studio, the Studio gave Will the opportunity to build a personalised experience with each client which he had craved. The sustainable movement that The Studio Upstairs is part of is something that truely resonated with Will and he found it had become extremely important element in his career.


A master of soft, natural blended creations that pop he also loves playing with styling and creating  glamour hair to show his fun, creative side.  

Will Allen


Our little pocket rocket, Elly, prides herself on being super independent and  it is that attitude that found her at The Studio Upstairs when at a cross roads in her career. She wasn’t ready t settle for working for someone else again. So she took charge … which we are stoked about.


Elly loves the space. The comfort and relaxation her clients feel when they sit in the light, bright space is perfection and radiates good vibes. Elly puts every ounce of effort into getting the perfect look for each of her clients and she takes great pride in that. The energy and love she pours into her clients is what keeps them coming back for more.


Her style has come from years of taking inspiration from everyone she comes into contact with admitting that playing with blondes is her favourite as they are so versatile and she is able to put her own personal touch on each and every one of them. Lived in, bright blondes is a speciality of Elly’s, taking great pride in the delicious blends she can create while taking the best care of your hair. She is absolutely magic to watch creating a head of curls, you will be absolutely mesmerised.

Elly Palmer