The Studio Upstairs is a harmonious collective hair and event studio in Burleigh. We have created an oasis for like minded creative individuals who are passionate about life balance, self love, community and environment.


Our leading Burleigh hair salon prides itself on its freelance and sustainable movement within the hair industry. We draw from the coastal community we are set in to be conscious of reducing our footprint while providing outstanding stylists. The studio was made to provide a creative space for like minded individuals to expand their own personal businesses and to have a better working life.

Our beautiful hair studio is the home of extremely talented & passionate stylists who are dedicated to connecting with their guests to make for the most comfortable & rewarding experience. Boasting their own creative specialities, with over 50+ years experience amongst all of them, the rarity of their experience, honesty and talent is something that sets us apart here at The Studio Upstairs.

It was vital when creating the space that our freelancers were able to be flexible in their own path. With a great sense of work life balance it set the trend of how the way the studio could be used within the community - a collaborative working space for all to feel free to be creative in how they see fit. We believe that the modern way of working is heading into a more collaborative direction and we are proud to be setting that intention for all our visitors here. 

With the purpose of being a collaborative creative space, the studio completely transforms into an event space. The amazing open windows at the front of the studio allows for an abundance of natural light that any photographer or videographer would die for. The long white walls and floor space can turn the room into any event your imagination desires. It is a multipurpose blank canvas transformable from workshops to photoshoots, celebrations to mediation. It’s most popular use is for workshops with a focus on health and wellness events being that the space is calm, light and inviting but with the ability to adapt to anything you choose to make it.


We are very proudly environmentally conscious and aware in all that we do. We are part of the Sustainable Salon movement, having up to 95% of our waste taken away to be recycled and repurposed.


Our incredible colour range is free from harsh chemicals, our retail products are packaged from recycled plastic taken from the ocean and we use 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly towels. Every little bit counts and we are blessed to be in the location that we are so it is important to us that we cherish the environment around us and keep that in existence.


 LEVEL 1/9 CONNOR ST, BURLEIGH HEADS QLD 4220  |  0413 433 420  |  OPEN EVERYDAY 9:00am - 5:00pm

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